The twelfth cycle of Sims' Next Top Model will premiere in Fall, 2017. It is the third season of Generation 2, and similar to the fifth season, consists of an all star cast with girls that were seen in previous seasons.

The grand prize package this cycle included:

  • A cover and spread in Elle Magazine.
  • An international Sephora campaign.
  • A 2 year long modelling contract with RED Models.
  • A cash prize worth $500,000.

The secondary prize, which was awarded to the all stars that did not win, included:

  • An interview with Elle Magazine upon elimination.
  • A cash prize worth $5,000.


(information stated is correct at start of contest)

Contestant Age Height Hometown Original Season Original Outcome Finish Outcome
Aberash Samara 27 183 cm Auckland, New Zealand Season 4 Runner-up
Akinyi Werknish 19 180 cm Webuye, Kenya Season 11 3rd/4th place
Amory Thompson 23 175 cm London, England Season 6 4th place
Animato Cullen 22 175 cm Apia, Samoa Season 10 4th place
Cyllia Verada 27 175 cm Montgomery, United States Season 6 Runner-up
Dao Phoumsavanh 26 180 cm Savannakhet, Laos Season 10 3rd place
Diane Wings 26 175 cm Orlando, United States Season 8 7th place
Ilona Ödön 20 178 cm Győr, Hungary Season 11 Runner-up
Jemyma Malone 21 182 cm Port-au-Prince, Haiti Season 9 4th place
Koyal Rana 24 176 cm Delhi, India Season 10 Runner-up
Rosemary Phoenix 22 180 cm Brussels, Belgium Season 10 8th place
Stella Bergmark 23 180 cm Gothenburg, Sweden Season 10 7th place
Amilna Estavão 19 178 cm Marietta, United States Season 11 3rd/4th place Episode 2 13th place
Eupheme Stanton 23 183 cm Warsaw, Poland Season 8 4th place Episode 1 14th place


The main concept was introduced prior during the announcement of the all stars, when a video, known as a "pathcode", of a contestant was dropped at a random. Twelve of them were released, one for each finalist. It announced a city that each all star was assigned to as well. 

Contestant City
Aberash Amsterdam
Akinyi Ankara
Amory Taipei
Animato Trujillo
Cyllia Mengzi
Diane Sainshand
Eupheme Las Vegas
Ilona St. Petersburg
Jemyma Namibe
Koyal St. Augustine
Rosemary Rome
Stella Lisbon

Changes and twistsEdit

For the all star season,the show revamped it's judging table with familiar guests. Sahvanha Rasputine returned as host, while Sin Il-hong remains the only returning judge. Evan Farron, after four years of inactivity, returned to the show periodically. Also, for the first time since the eighth cycle, weekly guest judges have returned to the show to aid in the decision making process. Similarly, many guests took part in the cycle as special cameos, however never were apart of the panel.

Guest judgesEdit

  • ​Tia Kipps (fashion blogger)
  • Daniella Reiner (Inner Model host)
  • Kortland Arrington (Sims3Fanatic09 alumna)
  • Erin Phoenix (BrushYourCats alumna)

Special appearancesEdit

  • Agnes Andreasdattir (Season 5 winner)
  • Yachana Vazirani (SaintPita alumna, BrushYourCats judge)
  • Maicle Gambardella (photographer)
  • Erico Nunez (male model)


  • Wildcard: Prior to the premiere, the fans were given the ability to vote a thirteenth all star into the cast from a pool of five, however due to a tie, two girls were added, rounding up the cast two a total of fourteen.
Order Contestant Age Height Hometown Original Season Original Finish Vote %
1 Amilna Estavão 19 178 cm Marietta, United States Season 11 3rd/4th place 25.49
1 Dao Phoumsavanh 26 180 cm Savannakhet, Laos Season 10 3rd place 25.49
3 Ekaterina van Buren 25 181 cm Moscow, Russia Season 8 5th/6th place 23.53
4 Quach Lan Nhung 24 177 cm Dennery, St. Lucia Season 9 5th place 14.71
5 Neo Dibaba 22 182 cm Mbeya, Tanzania Season 6 7th/8th place 10.78


Episode 1Edit

The twelve all stars are reintroduced to the competition, and one another. It kicks off in downtown Los Angeles, where the girls meet at their new Top Model House. After a few brief moments of sizing up the competition, they are all shocked when they recieve a Sahvanha Mail about meeting with the judges. Later, at the challenge, it is announced that they will be interviewed by Tia Kipps, and will be reviewing comments made of them by the fans. Most girls handle this well, however Jemyma, Akinyi, and Eupheme struggle with the harsh criticism. However, Stella wins for her positive attitude and excitement to interact with the fans. After this is announced, Tia surprises the girls with a shocking twist: a thirteenth all star will be added to the cast, decided by fan vote. The all star, chosen out of five, was revealed to be Dao. But, before the girls can even react, Tia reveals there was a tie in the voting, and announces Amilna is joining the all star cast as well, making fourteen total all stars.

Back at the house, tensions begin to rise when comments made by Koyal and Jemyma rub the girls the wrong way. When Amory discusses with others about Jemyma's behaviour, however, Rosemary tells Jemyma of it. This sparks a slight argument between the three all stars, causing a rift in the house.

The next day, the girls wake up to a Sahvanha Mail about stepping out of the box. At the photoshoot, they find themselves in a boxing stadium, and are met by Il-hong, where she reveals that the photoshoot is them posing in the ring wearing lavish dresses, with two male models boxing in the background behind them. 

At panel, the girls are re-introduced, or simply introduced for the Generation 2 girls, to Sahvanha. Amory and Dao are praised strongly for their photos, but it was Diane who snatched first call out for her strong performance in the challenge as well as her beautiful shot. Meanwhile, Cyllia found herself in hot water due to her disappointing photo, and found herself in the bottom two with Eupheme, who - though her photo was not bad - had little to no impact on the fans. Due to her inability to be remembered, Eupheme was sent home.

  • First call-out: Diane Wings
  • Bottom two: Cyllia Verada & Eupheme Stanton
  • Eliminated: Eupheme Stanton

Episode 2Edit

The night after the first elimination, the thirteen remaining all stars are discussing their weekweek in the living room. Rosemary, bothered about her appearance in the bottom two, complains to the girls, which annoys some of the girls, leading to a slight confrontation between Amory, Amilna, Jemyma, and Rosemary.

The next day, the girls recieve a Sahvanha Mail th

  • First call-out: Animato Cullen
  • Bottom three: Amilna Estavão, Jemyma Malone & Rosemary Phoenix
  • Eliminated: Amilna Estavão

Episode 3Edit

The thirteen all stars return home after the first elimination and express their shock over Eupheme's elimination. The next day, a storm barracades the girls inside. They are left confused when no Sahvanha Mail comes, and are led to believe that the storm shorted out the wiring for the tv.

The next day, the thunderstorm has subsided, however the girls are still left without a Sahvanha Mail for a majority of the day, and the girls begin to speculate that there will be no photoshoot for the week. However, Il-hong and Danielle Ranier arrive at the house while the girls are having dinner and announce the girls will be involved in a Model-a-Thon, which is an overnight challenge of non-stop photoshoots.

Upon arriving in downtown Los Angeles, the girls are split into three groups. Il-hong explains that the girls will be toured around L.A. taking photos, individually and in groups. While the girls are being styled for their group photoshoot, Il-hong surprises the girls when she says the girl who performs the best out of each group wins immunity.

Aberash/Amory/Jemyma/Koyal      Akinyi/Animato/Diane/Stella        Cyllia/Dao/Ilona/Rosemary

Meanwhile, the girls are all driven around downtown for their photoshoot. Many begin to become irritable over their lack of sleep, and begin bickering with one another. Daniella takes note of this and warns the girls to remain professional to avoid consequences at panel.


Sahvanha's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Diane Diane Animato
2 Dao Animato
3 Amory Akinyi
4 Aberash Stella
5 Stella Amory
6 Koyal Cyllia
7 Jemyma Koyal
8 Amilna Jemyma
9 Animato Dao
10 Cyllia Ilona
11 Ilona Rosemary
12 Akinyi Aberash
13 Rosemary Amilna
14 Eupheme
     The contestant won Sims Next Top Model.
     The contestant was eliminated from the competition.
     The contestant was immune and was given the ability to eliminate.
Contestant 1 2 3
Aberash SAFE BTM2
Animato SAFE WIN
Rosemary BTM2 LOW
Eupheme ELIM

Photo shoot guideEdit

  • Episode 1 photo shoot: I'll Be Yours
  • Episode 2 photo shoot: Calvin Klein ads
  • Episode 3 photo shoot: Guns and gowns
  • Episode 4 photo shoot: Sonatine?
  • Episode 5 photo shoot: Ko Ko Bop
  • Episode 6 photo shoot: Cricket Song
  • Episode 7 photo shoot: Cruisliner photo shoot
  • Episode 8 photo shoot: Dia de los Muertos
  • Episode 9 photo shoot: Sombrero & long dresses
  • Episode 10 photo shoot: Sephora ads
  • Episode 11 photo shoot: ELLE Magazine Covers