Call-out orderEdit

Tyra's Call-out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
1 Annie Mikaèla Kandie Haddassah Adia Annie Tafatia Yami Tafatia Carla Annie Annie Adia Philomène Mikaèla Mikaèla Annie
2 Kandie Tahnee Maci May Annie Padma Yami Kandie Maci Padma Ashton Iyzebel Padma Annie Klî'onikki Annie Mikaèla
3 Yami Padma Anouk Annie Shaundi Maci Mikaèla Carla Annie Sarah Philomène Desire Annie Mikaèla Desire Klî'onikki Klî'onikki
4 Alicia Anouk Iyzebel Scarlett Anouk Carla May Alicia Kandie Yami Alicia Klî'onikki Maci Desire Philomène Desire
5 Tafatia Sarah Shaundi Maci Kandie Iyzebel Summer Adia Adia Suli Yami Adia Haddassah Klî'onikki Annie Philomène
6 Anouk Mikel Yami Suli Padma Anouk Sarah Sarah Yami Haddassah Adia Alicia Sarah Maci Maci
7 Ashton Alicia Jenna Tafatia Tafatia Mikel Maci Scarlett Padma Adia Maci Philomène Desire Padma Padma
8 Tahnee Shaundi Sarah Padma Tahnee Alicia Kandie Tafatia Suli Iyzebel Padma Ashton Klî'onikki Adia
9 Carla Annie Tahnee Jenna Alicia Summer Scarlett Annie Haddassah Kandie Mikaèla Mikaèla Mikaèla Alicia
10 Shaundi Yami Alicia Yami Danijëla Kandie Danijëla Iyzebel Jenna Ashton Sarah Kandie Philomène Ashton
11 Summer Suli Scarlett Carla Mikel Mikaèla Iyzebel Maci Sarah Maci Kandie Maci Alicia Haddassah
12 Suli Haddassah Annie Adia Carla Jenna Jenna Mikaèla Danijëla Desire Haddassah Sarah Ashton Sarah
13 Philomène Iyzebel Summer Summer May Haddassah Haddassah Suli Ashton Mikaèla Klî'onikki Padma Iyzebel
14 Haddassah Tafatia May Alicia Jenna Scarlett Carla Haddassah Mikaèla Jenna Jenna Yami Kandie
15 Mikaèla Scarlett Padma Mikaèla Haddassah May Annie Padma Iyzebel Alicia Iyzebel Haddassah Yami
16 Kirq Carla Adia Danijëla Iyzebel Sarah Suli Jenna Alicia Annie Desire Jenna
17 Iyzebel May Suli Kandie Maci Yami Shaundi Danijëla Carla Danijëla Carla
18 Jenna Desire Carla Tahnee Scarlett Suli Alicia May Scarlett Shaundi Suli
19 May Kandie Mikel Shaundi Mikaèla Shaundi Adia Shaundi Tafatia
20 Sarah Summer Danijëla Iyzebel Suli Adia Padma Summer
21 Adia Ashton Ashton Mikel Sarah Danijëla Anouk
22 Maci Maci Haddassah Sarah Summer Tafatia Mikel
23 Padma Jenna Mikaèla Anouk Yami Tahnee
24 Danijëla Adia Tafatia Ashton
25 Desire Danijëla Desire
26 Scarlett Kirq
27 Mikel Philomène
28 De'Yana
29 Ji-hyeun
30 Klî'onikki
31 Neela
  • Episode 5 featured a non-elimination bottom 2.
  • At the beginning of Episode 9, a comeback was held, and Ashton came back into the competition.
  • At the beginning of Episode 10, a comeback was held, and Shaundi & Desire came back into the competition.
  • At the beginning of Episode 11, a comeback was held, and Klî'onikki, Philomène, & Annie came back into the competition.

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