Contestant Age Hometown Original Cycle Original Rank New Rank Outcome
Heirala Hopie 17 Port Vila, Vanuatu 10 13th/12th/11th 29th28th/27th/26th/25th Eliminated in Episode 1
Oh Jin-ah 21 Washington, District of Columbia 5th 5th
Kiera Barnes 19 Tallahassee, Florida Mini 1 10th/9th
Roê Vii 19 Frankfort, Kentucky 4th 10th
Uvettah Rasputine 27 Mobile, Alabama 1 2nd 24th Eliminated in Episode 2
Beáta "Bette" Medved 17 Želiezovce, Slovakia Mini 1 15th/14th 23rd Eliminated in Episode 4
Eszes-Somogyi Venczel Erszebét 19 Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary Mini 3 19th/18th 22nd Eliminated in Episode 6
Calligraphy Banks 17 Apopka, Florida 15 N/A 21st/20th Eliminated in Episode 8
Santana Seldom 20 Boise, Idaho 6 7th
Reyna Hopie 17 Sydeny, Australia 15 N/A 19th/18th Eliminated in Episode 10
Sophia Rithers 16 Jefferson City, Missouri 12 7th/6th
Yunaisys Brikkarda 24 Niceville, Florida 11 8th 17th Eliminated in Episode 13
Pamela Seldom 26 Boise, Idaho 2 9th 16th/15th Eliminated in Episode 14
Mercedes Seldom 24 10th
Boo Buankrathok 18 Bangkok, Thailand Mini 1 5th 14th Eliminated in Episode 15
Calypse Phiri 21 Maseru, Lesotho R2V3 4th 13th Eliminated in Episode 16
Kratae Charoenthammawat 18 Bang Khun Thian, Thailand Mini 2 3rd/2nd 12th

Eliminated in Episode 2

Returned in Episode 16

Eliminated in Episode 17

Melony Makus 24 Frankfort, Kentucky 3 4th 11th Eliminated in Episode 17
Svrna "Dot" Medved 17 Želiezovce, Slovakia Mini 2 12th 10th/9th Eliminated in Episode 20
Jabir Karman 22 Sana'a, Yemen Mini 3

Mini 3

Lucas Everett 25 Sarh, Chad 8th 9th Eliminated in Episode 22
Anjali Lesher 17 Hornbrook, California 13 10th 8th Eliminated in Episode 23
Sophie Waters 20 Sarasota, Florida 12 4th 7th Eliminated in Episode 24
Aliya Jinan Saqqaf el-Ghazzawy 18 Jalan Bani Bu Hassan, Yemen Mini 3 11th/12th 6th/5th

Eliminated in Episode 4

Returned in Episode 10

Eliminated in Episode 19

Returned in Episode 25

Eliminated in Episode 25

Hlingiwe Mbabane 20 Mbabane, Swaziland R2V3 10th Eliminated in Episode 25
Ekamai Narisa Fungmongokol 22 Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand Mini 3 17th 4th Eliminated in Episode 26
Dramatique Banks 17 Gainesville, Florida 15 N/A 3rd

Eliminated in Episode 27

Ke'ai Jia 18 Grand Island, China 9 9th 2nd

Eliminated in Episode 3

Returned in Episode 25

Runner Up

Lhagvasuren Odtsetseg 22 Zamyn-Üüd, Mongolia Mini 3 N/A 1st Winner

Call-out orderEdit

Tyra's Call-out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
1 Jabir Pamela Hlingiwe Yunaisys Odtsetseg Pamela Santana Sophia Hlingiwe Melony Anjali Melony Hlingiwe Dramatique Jabir Ekamai N. Odtsetseg Aliya J. Odtsetseg Hlingiwe Anjali Odtsetseg Hlingiwe Dramatique Dramatique Dramatique Odtsetseg Odtsetseg
2 Bette Jabir Jabir Mercedes Melony Ekamai N. Lucas Hlingiwe Sophia Jabir Mercedes Hlingiwe Jabir Calypse Aliya J. Dramatique Anjali Jabir Jabir Ekamai N. Hlingiwe Sophie Dramatique Odtsetseg Ke'ai Ke'ai Ke'ai Ke'ai
3 Anjali Hlingiwe Aliya J. Santana Mercedes Hlingiwe Calypse Lucas Boo Dramatique Dramatique Jabir Calypse Hlingiwe Hlingiwe Hlingiwe Hligiwe Hlingiwe Hlingiwe Lucas Odtsetseg Hlingiwe Sophie Hlingiwe Ekamai N. Odtsetseg Dramatique
4 Melony Lucas Erszebét Sophia Sophia Melony Calligraphy Ekamai N. Melony Anjali Yunaisys Odtsetseg Dramatique Aliya J. Odtsetseg Aliya J. Dot Ekamai N. Lucas Odtsetseg Lucas Anjali Odtsetseg Sophie Odtsetseg Ekamai N.
5 Odtsetseg Sophie Bette Jabir Lucas Boo Hlingiwe Reyna Reyna Boo Odtsetseg Lucas Anjali Melony Dramatique Dot Jabir Odtsetseg Dramatique Sophie Dramatique Dramatique Anjali Aliya J.
6 Yunaisys Odtsetseg Reyna Melony Hlingiwe Reyna Pamela Jabir Odtsetseg Hlingiwe Aliya J. Anjali Pamela Jabir Calypse Lucas Sophie Anjali Sophie Anjali Sophie Lucas Hlingiwe
7 Uvettah Calligraphy Sophia Dramatique Santana Anjali Yunaisys Yunaisys Anjali Aliya J. Boo Mercedes Boo Odtsetseg Anjali Jabir Dramatique Lucas Ekamai N. Dramatique Ekamai N.
8 Aliya J. Aliya J. Pamela Erszebét Boo Dramatique Dramatique Calypse Lucas Pamela Calypse Aliya J. Aliya J. Anjali Melony Kratae Ekamai N. Dramatique Dot Dot
9 Hlingiwe Mercedes Sophie Calypse Reyna Lucas Odtsetseg Anjali Sophie Sophie Pamela Dramatique Odtsetseg Boo Lucas Odtsetseg Lucas Dot Anjali Jabir
10 Mercedes Reyna Lucas Boo Calligraphy Calligraphy Jabir Boo Jabir Mercedes Lucas Yunaisys Melony Lucas Boo Sophie Aliya J. Sophie Aliya J.
11 Sophie Bette Calligraphy Sophie Anjali Santana Boo Melony Dramatique Lucas Jabir Boo Lucas Mercedes Anjali Kratae
12 Calypse Ekamai N. Odtsetseg Lucas Ekamai N. Jabir Sophie Mercedes Pamela Calypse Melony Calypse Mercedes Pamela Melony Melony
13 Santana Yunaisys Yunaisys Calligraphy Sophie Mercedes Reyna Sophie Calypse Odtsetseg Hlingiwe Pamela Yunaisys Calypse
14 Dramatique Anjali Calypse Pamela Jabir Calypse Sophia Odtsetseg Yunaisys Yunaisys Sophie
15 Ekamai N. Santana Boo Anjali Erszebét Odtsetseg Melony Pamela Mercedes Reyna
16 Erszebét Calypse Melony Reyna Yunaisys Sophie Mercedes Dramatique Ekamai N. Sophia
17 Lucas Boo Ekamai N. Ekamai N. Dramatique Yunaisys Anjali Calligraphy
18 Pamela Erszebét Dramatique Odtsetseg Calypse Sophia Ekamai N. Santana
19 Calligraphy Sophia Santana Hlingiwe Pamela Erszebét
20 Kratae Melony Mercedes Aliya J.
21 Reyna Dramatique Anjali Bette
22 Boo Ke'ai Ke'ai
23 Ke'ai Kratae
24 Sophia Uvettah
25 Dot
26 Heirala
27 Jin-ah
28 Kiera
29 Roê
  • Episode 5 featured a non-elimination bottom 2.
  • Episode 7 featured a non-elimination bottom 2.
  • In Episode 8, Tyra asked Pamela & Dramatique to step to her left, and Calligraphy & Santana to step to her right as a bottom 4. 
  • At the beginning of Episode 10, a comeback was held, and Aliya Jinan was brought back into the competition.
  • Episode 12 featured a non-elimination bottom 2.
  • At the beginning of Episode 16, a comeback was held, and Dot, Kratae, Ekamai N., and Sophie were brought back were brought back into the competition..
  • Episode 18 featured a non-elimination bottom 2.
  • At the beginning of Episode 25, a comeback was held, and Aliya J., Ekamai N., and Ke'ai were brought back into the competition.

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